Rioting Resumes: Police car trashed by Enfield Town rioters

Police car trashed by Enfield Town rioters

A POLICE car has been attacked in Enfield Town amid clashes between rioters and police.

The vehicle in Church Street was pelted with bricks, while police have confirmed that two shops were targeted by gangs of people with hoods and scarves covering their face.

Rumours that riots in Tottenham last night were due to spread to Enfield were spread across social networking sites earlier this afternoon, but riot police were lined up outside Enfield Town
station carrying out stop-and-searches on those arriving.

Trouble flared at around 6.30pm, before police pushed back the group past the Tesco store in Southbury Road.



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More Than Two-Thirds of Google+ Activity Is Private

The circles and hangouts are allowing a paradigm shift in social.

It really is happening on G+.

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While following the activity of tech industry folks and celebrities on Google+ might lead you to believe that Google’s new social network is a sort of long-form Twitter, where users pontificate for a public audience, Google says that’s not the case.

(Seriously, watching the volume and speed of comments on new posts by Myspace founder and Google+’s leading armchair critic Tom Anderson is simply insane.)

In fact, Google+ users are two to three times more likely to share privately with one of their Circles than post publicly, Google revealed for a profile in the San Jose Mercury News. (The Merc article talks about “general” posts, but Google+ commander Vic Gundotra clarified that this means “public” posts.)

That’s an important metric, and one that validates Google+’s aim to be a more private social network.

Google announced last week that Plus is already facilitating one billion items shared and received per day. That measurement does not include public shares, and it’s counted a bit oddly, as I wrote at the time:

Essentially, each counted “share” is the number of people who potentially see any one item.

If a user shares a picture with a Google Circle of 40 people, that counts as 40 shares — even if all 40 people don’t actually look at the photo. If a user shares something publicly, it’s not counted.

Google said this is consistent with the way it counts sharing in Gmail and other products. However, it’s a bit of a tricky metric; at first glance it would be easy to think that Google means one billion items are posted to Google+ on a daily basis already — which it doesn’t.



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Riots Grip North London

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Riots Grip North London

Riots rocked the north London area of Tottenham Saturday night as crowds pelted police officers with bricks and burned police cars, a double-decker bus, and buildings. Police arrested 42 people and 26 officers were injured. Some 50 fires were set. “There is no justification for the aggression the police and the public faced,” Downing Street said Sunday morning. The demonstration started peacefully when about 30 friends and relatives gathered outside the Tottenham police station to protest the death of Mark Duggan, 29, who was shot dead by officers Thursday during a traffic stop. The rally quickly swelled to include around 300 people. Commissioner Rachel Cerfontyne of the Independent Police Complaints Commission said there will be an investigation into Duggan’s death.



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Katrina Cops Guilty in Shooting Deaths

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Katrina Cops Guilty in Shooting Deaths

Five New Orleans police officers have been convicted in the shooting deaths of two civilians in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The shootings occurred on September 4, 2005, one week after the storm. A group of police officers went to the Danziger Bridge after hearing a distress call from a fellow officer who said men were shooting at police. Once the officers arrived at the bridge, they began shooting, killing one person, James Brissette, and injuring four others. Police also chased down two passersby who were running from the shots, eventually killing one of them. Investigators later found that none of the victims were armed. A lawyer for one of the defendants said, “It is a time of disorder, chaos and lawlessness. That doesn’t mean the rules change, but the perception changes.” Four officers were convicted of civil rights violations, and one was convicted in the cover-up.



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The NEW Catwoman

Anne Hathaway

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Look closely, they are humans

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