(Update) Japan Nuke Radiation in US H2O

(Updated) Japan Nuclear Radiation In Drinking Water In 20 US Cities And In Milk ABOVE EPA Limits

Kind of makes you think the radioactive substances are everywhere now.

Here is a complete list as of April, 21st 2011.

Boise, ID
Chattanooga, TN
Cincinnati, OH
Columbia, PA
Columbus, OH
Denver, CO
Detroit, MI
East Liverpool, OH
Harrisburg, PA
Helena, MT
Los Angeles, CA
Muscle Shoals, AL
Niagara Falls, NY
Oak Ridge, TN
Painesville, OH
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburg, PA
Richland, WA
Trenton, NJ
Watertown, NJ

Amplify’d from blog.alexanderhiggins.com

The EPA has finally released some of the radiation data it has been collecting:

  • Little Rock milk radiation – 3 times the EPA Maximum
  • Radiation in Philly Drinking Water 73% of federal drinking water standards.
  • Los Angeles milk radiation was above federal drinking water standards.
  • Radiation found in Phoenix milk was almost at the federal drinking water standard.
  • Radioactive Iodine in Boise Idaho rainwater was 130 times above Federal Drinking Water standards.
    • Radioactive Caesium was 13.66 times above federal limit for Caesium-134, 2 year half-life.
    • Radioactive Caesium was 12 times federal limit for Caesium-137, 30 year half-life.
  • Tennessee drinking water was detected with radiation slightly above 1/2 the federal maximum.
  • Radioactive Iodine has been detected in the drinking water across the entire US in the following states: California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Tennessee, Montana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, and Alabama, as well as in Canada.
  • Cesium and Tellurium were found in Boise,  Las Vegas,  Nome and Dutch Harbor, Honolulu, Kauai and Oahu, Anaheim, Riverside, San Francisco, and San Bernardino,  Jacksonville and Orlando, Salt Lake City,  Guam, and Saipan.
  • Uranium-234, with a half-life of 245,500 years has been found in Hawaii, California, and Washington.

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