Tornado Dreams

I’ve been remembering my dreams a lot lately. I’ve been taking different supplements and my nights have been less comatose and more hypnagogic. Getting up to pee, laying in bed half asleep having micro dreams before getting up for work.

Last night I drempt of tornados. Logical, the mind dreams to store information.  The tornado is a column of dirty air, a giant spinning dirt tree blooming into the dark sky. I’m near a street and the tornado is moving toward me churning up the pavement. I try to turn around and run away but I can barely move. I’m half paralyzed. Its a nightmare, I wake up in a terror. What was that?!

I’m not sure I’m awake. And then I’m not.

I pull hard to move my legs of lead and I manage to move away from the twister that had turned toward me. It knows I’m there. Its after me and I’m helpless to run. Power lines are being eaten up in the howling torrent.

The dream shifted as I began to move. I wake up. I think someone is trying to break in my condo. Perhaps its the fat guy upstairs walking around at night. I call him elephant feet sometimes, half hoping he hears me. I drift off again secure in the fact that I locked the windows and that the guy upstairs is an elephant..

I’m in the woods. But the tornadoes are here too. The woods morph to have more small tall trees that I know will slow the winds. I dream a way to protect myself from being killed in the twister. The trees cut the tornado into wind confetti and I’m saved.

I’m in a house, and there is an old lady. I can’t look over in that direction, so I don’t know who it is. Like my mind hasn’t drempt far enough in that direction. There is a knock at the door and Doogie Howser comes in.

The kid doctor from that show years and years ago. I had seen a picture of him early in the evening and remember being surprised how young he was at the time of the show. He says something, like Here’s Johnny.

Its 4:23AM. I go back to sleep. I drift off deciding I need to cut back on the supplements. There are no more tornadoes.




About stephenbishop

Just an ordinary guy trying to make it in this crazy world.
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