Support Your Rights – Who Else Will

New version of COICA allows individuals to sue you to take down a website.

Oh, yeah, like that isn’t going to be a crazy corporate frenzy.

Its a BIG BUSINESS coup, not a law that supports copyright holders.

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Urgent Alert

After months of suspense, Senator Leahy is preparing to bring COICA back from the dead, and it’s even worse than the internet censorship bill that was blocked in the last Congress. The new “PROTECT IP Act” will mean more censorship, more frivolous lawsuits, and innocent website owners in the U.S. being forced to mount costly legal defenses.

Read a summary and see who is lobbying to introduce the new PROTECT IP bill here.

Read about how the internet censorship bill being introduced has changed since the last Congress here.

Help stop this threat to the Internet by signing the petition today, tweeting this urgent alert, and sharing this message on Facebook.




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