Senate Bill Gives Feds Power to Order Blacklisting of Sites

For example, since I and many others have posted videos to Amplify,most of which were copyrighted, this bill would allow corporations to sue Amplify.

Stop the Censorship of the Net, sign the petition:

Amplify’d from

Senate anti-piracy legislation introduced Thursday would dramatically increase the government’s legal power to disrupt and shutter websites “dedicated to infringing activities.”

“The bill still defines a site as ‘dedicated to infringing activities’ if it is designed or marketed as ‘enabling or facilitating’ actions that are found to be infringing,” he said. “In other words, even if the site isn’t itself infringing copyright, if its actions ‘enable or facilitate’ someone else’s infringement, the government can tell ISPs to blacklist your site, and copyright holders can sue to cut your funding.”




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