Why is Germany phasing out nuclear power?


Was just reading an article about the G-8 meeting in Japan and their pledge to fight skyrocketing energy prices. In the article, it stated the following:
“Germany, however, said it would not join the effort. Jochen Homann, Germany’s economics minister, said Berlin was sticking to its decision to phase out nuclear power.”

Does anyone have any background info as to why Germany made this decision? (facts only please, not anti-nuclear rants).

Cold fusion , has been discussed for a good while now. Germany is a very educated place. If not the highest educated place on the world. they have a very good value system on what is right, and wrong. although they can be persuaded if a individual is manipulative. I think they are back on the right track though. Nuclear energy has a waste and has a high risk of damaging land permanently if not done 100% correct. there are better/cleaner/safer ways to create energy in, finite amounts.

See more at www.japannuclearupdate.com



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