Indiana Anti-Abortion Push Could Cost $4.3 Billion

“Democracy” will be our downfall.

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HP Main - Planned Parenthood

How much is the state of Indiana willing to lose to prevent abortions? Earlier this year, the state, led by Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels and a GOP-controlled legislature, became the first to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood, issuing a direct affront to the federal government. In so doing, Indiana is risking losing all federal money for their Medicaid programs—totaling $4.3 billion—and leaving more than 1 million poor and elderly Indiana residents without health care. This week the Obama administration ordered Indiana to drop its ban on Planned Parenthood, warning that violating federal law can result in a withholding of all Medicaid funding. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood has filed suit to challenge Indiana’s new law, so the matter could be decided in the courtroom.




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