Should You Kill Your CEO

CEO Pay Explodes Income Gap

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CEO Pay Explodes Income Gap

Corporate executives’ increasing salaries are widening the income gap, according to new research reported in The Washington Post. Nearly 60 percent of the top 0.1 percent of earners are executives, managers, or supervisors of non-financial companies or financial firms. Today’s executives are earning roughly four times as much as those of the 1970s, while pay for the rest (about 90 percent) of America remains the same. At Dean Foods, executive pay has risen nearly 10 times its amount forty years ago, while pay for unionized works has actually declined. Americans continue to remain uneasy about an increasing disparity between the country’s richest and poorest.



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1 Response to Should You Kill Your CEO

  1. Jan Heryk says:

    CEOs and other executives are soulless thieves who pillage today, but will burn in Hell tomorrow. Why not expedite them on the way to their final punishments?

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