Oil contractor Transocean blames BP for oil spill in new report

Drill Baby Drill

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It’s not too surprising, but it’s always fun to watch two oil giants pointing the finger at each other. Sometimes you learn some interesting things.

In a new report, oil rig owner Transocean points the finger straight at BP for the screw-ups that caused the failure of the Deepwater Horizon rig, the worst oil disaster in US history.

The report says:

  • The accident was a “result of a succession of interrelated well design, construction, and temporary abandonment decisions”
  • BP chose a complex well design that was hard to implement
  • The final seal with cement was also very complex, and not handled properly
  • After installation, they failed to test the cement correctly
  • Then they misinterpreted the test results
  • They failed to communicate any of this to the workers monitoring the well

It seems pretty straighforward: If you’re going to cut a few corners and try some risky procedures, at least let your guys on the ground KNOW that’s what’s happening, so they’ll have a fair chance of reacting if something goes wrong.

If the workers had been told about the risks, they would have been monitoring things more closely, and would have been more likely to react quickly and correctly once things started to go wrong.

You can read the two-volume report and accompanying documents here. There’s also a good video from Transocean explaining how the blowout happened.

BP, of course, says they are blameless and points the finger back at Transocean.

“The Transocean report must be viewed in the context of official investigation findings by the Presidential Commission and the US Coast Guard that the Deepwater Horizon accident was the result of multiple causes, involving multiple parties, including Transocean,” BP said in a statement. “Indeed, the US Coast Guard identified “serious safety management system failures and a poor safety culture” at Transocean.”

“Unlike BP, which has stepped up to its responsibilities and cooperated with all official investigations regarding the accident, Transocean continues to take every opportunity to avoid its responsibilities.”

Read more at redgreenandblue.org



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