Riots & Mobs Coming to a Town Near You

Real­is­tic unem­ploy­ment fig­ures of 23%+ (the 10% you hear about excludes huge amounts of unemployed or drastically underemployed people) have many unem­ployed young men with lots of time on their hands and a lot of frus­tra­tion.

All the mid east/north african riots/revolutions have two two things in common: high unemployment of young men and high cost of living (food prices).

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We’ve been quite clear about what we think is going to hap­pen in the com­ing months and years.  We expect either a US Gov­ern­ment and Euro­zone default, lead­ing to seri­ous reper­cus­sions in the west­ern world as enti­tle­ments, pen­sions and banks all col­lapse leav­ing tens of mil­lions des­ti­tute.  Or, the US dol­lar to be hyper­in­flated to worth­less­ness, bring­ing down every other fiat cur­rency in the world and caus­ing mas­sive prob­lems such as star­va­tion as mod­ern sys­tems of trade and trans­port break down.

In either case there will also be a deep, seri­ous depres­sion of a mag­ni­tude much worse than in the 1930s.

Symp­toms of this even­tu­al­ity are already being seen around the world.  Food and com­mod­ity prices are sky­rock­et­ing led by fiat cur­rency infla­tion around the globe lead­ing to food riots and short­ages.  In the US there are daily reports of thieves steal­ing cop­per wire from power sub­sta­tions, power poles and church air con­di­tion­ers as the price of cop­per and all com­modi­ties soar due to the mon­e­tary infla­tion caused by the likes of Ben Bernanke.

This, plus the real­iza­tion that the Amer­i­can Empire, and all of its ten­ta­cles, are in col­lapse has led to count­less coun­tries enter­ing into revolutions.

It is hard to keep track of all the protests, riots, large-scale mob fights and wars around the world.  It is even harder to keep track because You Tube is com­ply­ing with thou­sands of requests from gov­ern­ments to cen­sor and remove videos that show protests and other exam­ples of cit­i­zens sim­ply assert­ing their rights, while also delet­ing search terms by gov­ern­ment mandate.

Just in the last few weeks, how­ever, there has been riots, protests and mob fights in at least the fol­low­ing cities and coun­tries: Miami (week­end war zone), Boston (more than 1,000 per­son gang fight),  Char­lotte Beach, NY (over 100 youths fight­ing), Van­cou­ver (10,000+ hockey riot), Greece (tens of thou­sands riot), Spain (thou­sands protest and riot), Yemen (tens of thou­sands protest, many shot), Syria (thou­sands protest, many shot), China (thou­sands riot for 3 days), Rus­sia (police crush protests in Moscow and St. Peters­burg) and count­less others.

This, on top of wars, occu­pa­tions or engage­ments in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Pak­istan — all led by Nobel Peace Prize win­ner, Barack Obama.

Yet, what was the big news on the con­trolled mass media in the last few weeks?  A Con­gress­man tweeted a photo of his pri­vates to some girls.

The truth is that all of the events going on around the world are inter-related.  There are pres­sures build­ing up across the world mostly caused by cen­tral bank infla­tion and the ongo­ing col­lapse of the US empire.

The scary thing is that this is just the begin­ning.  Many of the protests and riots across Europe to date have been to protest “cuts” to pen­sions and ben­e­fits.  How will these peo­ple react when the euro cur­rency col­lapses and they have no pen­sions and ben­e­fits or jobs?  We’ll soon find out.

Many of the fights and riots in the US to date have been symp­toms of the depres­sion that the US is cur­rently in.  Real­is­tic unem­ploy­ment fig­ures of 23%+ (as cal­cu­lated by have many unem­ployed young men with lots of time on their hands and a lot of frus­tra­tion.  Just wait until the entire US econ­omy col­lapses from a US Gov­ern­ment default or the US dol­lar is hyper­in­flated into worth­less­ness and peo­ple can’t even get access to basic neces­si­ties.  Just look at how many peo­ple right now are depen­dent on the gov­ern­ment for food in the US — and it will only get much worse.

The riots and chaos that will hap­pen in the US at that point will be the worst we’ve seen yet.  Why?  Two rea­sons.  One, due to all the US pro­pa­ganda, this col­lapse will come as a com­plete sur­prise to the major­ity of Amer­i­cans — peo­ple don’t adjust well going from “hope” and “change” and the “Amer­i­can dream” to liv­ing in a squalid, des­ti­tute police state.  And, sec­ondly, many Amer­i­cans are heav­ily armed.  So, when Home­land Secu­rity comes to quell the vio­lence and law­less­ness that will be inevitable they will find them­selves out­manned and outgunned.

If you live in the west­ern world and live in or near a large pop­u­la­tion cen­ter get ready for increas­ing social unrest, mobs, protests and riots.

The most recent Van­cou­ver riots were instruc­tive in many ways on what to expect.

I’ve asked TDV sub­scriber, Evan Pan­tazi (, a self-defense teacher, author (see here on Ama­zon) and con­sul­tant, to give us a few point­ers for what to do, or not do, if you find your­self in the midst of a mob or riot.

Thanks Jeff,

As riots and mobs become a world wide con­cern (and many for good rea­son and free­dom), there are only two things you need to remem­ber if ever caught in the midst of one; sur­vival and escape. Curios­ity is the first step in loss of indi­vid­ual logic and reasoning.

First to escape you must try to remain low key (act­ing as if you were a part of the mass), this is because they are a sin­gle mind­set even though they may just be curi­ous onlook­ers.  You can not fight the masses one on one, nor could you fight their mindset.

If you are caught at the apex of the tur­moil turn­ing and walk­ing toward the com­press­ing crowd may be impos­si­ble as well as dan­ger­ous.  It is far eas­ier and less alarm­ing to work first toward the side while still fac­ing in the direc­tion of the crowd so as not to cause con­flict and to use the momen­tum to assist your actions. By work­ing your way to the edge of the crowd fur­thest from the lead­ing edge (this will typ­i­cally be where the police or mil­i­tary will be engag­ing the crowd), escape to safety will be eas­ier and call less atten­tion to yourself.

It is also imper­a­tive to stay away from focal points of destruc­tive actions of the more crazed peo­ple, store front win­dows in par­tic­u­lar.  This is every bit as dan­ger­ous as being at the apex, due to the focus of the crowd.  If you do find your­self between the crowd and the win­dows, it only takes a push (inad­ver­tent or not), to seri­ously endan­ger you or those you are lead­ing to safety.

Although valiant, you must never take a stand against the mind­set of the crowd, you can not win.  Take the video exam­ple here (fast for­ward to the 3:00 mark):

This man made sev­eral tac­ti­cal errors, first was try­ing to take on the crowds mind­set, espe­cially with antag­o­nis­tic actions and a makeshift weapon.  He imme­di­ately became a threat to the col­lec­tive and was over­taken by that col­lec­tive mind­set.  Another griev­ous error he com­mit­ted was walk­ing into the mass (even though away from the dan­ger­ous win­dow), where he was quickly sur­rounded.  In this case he had com­mit­ted him­self, but he may have escaped if he had dropped the weapon and attempted to blend into the crowd, but his mind­set was locked just as the crowds and was his downfall.

There are many phys­i­cal things he could have done to pro­tect him­self from one or two peo­ple, but their were too many and again all of the same mind.  To para­phrase the great Sun Tzu from his “Art of War” — “To be vic­to­ri­ous in 100 bat­tles, you must know your enemy”… In a mob or riot, they are one, and under a col­lec­tive mindset.

Here is another video of a man try­ing to pro­tect a truck from being lit on fire.  It is silly and dan­ger­ous to risk your life to save property.

Escape to con­front the bat­tle on your terms when advan­tage can be yours, do not fall prey to emo­tion or the col­lec­tive, think for yourself.




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