Google+ Review of Googles Social Media Network Site

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I’m super excited about Google+, Googles Social Media Networking site. I think it can give Twitter and Facebook a run for their money assuming they can grow and scale without any major blips. I got on it in the early hours of its release and heres why I like it. I give it an 8 on a 10 scale. Its very clean and seeming simple to use. A little manic at first if you have many friends but easy to get the hang of.

Starting off you can SEGMENT your relationships with people and you can create what are called “circles” of friends or family. You choose who goes in them and what you share with them. You can cut it up anyway you choose even separating real friends from acquaintances. Its not one big mess you share with most people like on FB or Twitter. If you put out an “adultish” joke or picture, you can regulate it so your 10 year old nephew wont see it, depending on your circles. You can be choosy what you share and which circles to share with. You can have a Work circle and then Friends circle that you obviously may want to show different content to.

When you make a post you can choose to send to an individual, a circle, many circles etc. Full control on who you share it with. You can also see the indiv

One of the most cool things is being able to share photos and video chat. Google has integrated Picassa into their photos making it easy for you to share photos seamlessly along with albums. The video chat feature is AMAZING and called a “Hangout.” You can have up to 10 people on it at a time and the video adjusts to feature whomever is talking. It works surprising well and most people were impressed. Its potentially a huge competitor to Skype as with Skype it costs money to have more than 2 people on video chat, here its free.

There is Sparks which is essentially a featured topical interests section. Its integrated with your Gtalk in the bottom left so you can easily do your chatting if you prefer non video. The mobile interface works great too. Many people said the Android App was great, on my iPad it works wonderfully and on my iPhone also. Plus there are a ton of cooler smaller features I wont go into but it also integrates with your Google Profile so people can link up with you on your other sites.

I HIGHLY recommend it and think this is the best chance Google has to build something sustainable in the social network market.




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