How To Move Photo from Facebook to Google Plus

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Undoubtedly Google + is rocking our online active and perhaps, gradually it is going on the way to replace Facebook in the coming time, regardless Facebook is till dominating the market and Google + has not officially opened up. There is a fact that no matter Facebook or Google + will be your choice and where the battle between the two will come, we are happy to see their innovation day after day.

A number of my friends have already switched to Google + since the day Google backed social network made its debut. In my opinion, Google + has completely take advantage of other socials, improve them and integrate some news feature and technology, Hangout, a very tremendously innovative function that allows users to make a group video chat and “circles” in which you can filter your sharing content much better than Facebook does, for instance. Google + is still in the beta phrase but it has already supported Android device and later iPhone as well.

In this article I will show you a very nice webapp that  allows you to move your photo on Facebook to Google Plus. Perhaps, this is another reason to discontinue playing game on Facebook anymore.

Few days back, Facebook has blocked a script that allows users to move their data on Facebook to the newer Google +. That is quite sorrowful story with uprising G + fans for sure. However, if you want to gradually say goodbye to Facebook by move away your photos from this social network, here is your chance.

I have accidentally found out Move2Picasa website while looking for some useful information relating to Google Plus service. As the site ‘s motto reveals, it aims to move your photo from Facebook to Picasa and then allows to share on Google + easily.

At first, you have to authorize the site with Facebook.

move2picasa move photo from Facebook to Picasa

When I tried to migrate my data to Google Picasa, everything worked automatically. Despite that we have to wait a couple of hours which depends on your total data, this web app is really useful today. After finishing the transfer process, you data then will be stored in Picasa (or Google Photo in the future since Google are giving this popular photo sharing a new more brand-able name. What then man? You can of course share with your circles on Google + more handy and easily. No need to re-upload them.


It is not working now since there are more request than the developers expected. A quite disappointed announcement show that they will be back soon after they handle requested data completely.

Techcrunch guessed that there will be more similar services in the coming time. As a Google + lovers, definitely I hove Move2Picase will soon restore their operating and more services will appear.




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